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On Wednesday, we are gaining a new family member. There's lots of things we need to buy before she arrives.  

“We need a seat belt attachment, so we can collect her,” I say to my husband Andy. "She needs to be securely fastened into the car. It's the law."

 So we go shopping.

“How big is she?” The sales assistant is eager to help us. "What breed is she?"

“We don’t really know,” I say. “We're adopting her from the Animal Shelter.”

“Oh that is so beautiful,” the woman cries, tears in her eyes. “A pound puppy! You’re saving a life.”

We return home from the shops with a collar and a pet tag with our dog’s name engraved upon it: Nora. Nora is the name she received at the Animal Shelter. She’s only had it a week or so. I suppose we could change it. But no one wants to.

“Nora the Explorer… Isn’t that a perfect name?”

“It's different. How many dogs do you know called Nora?” We can’t think of any.

"As long as Nora isn't a gnawer."

"People are going to ask us what kind of dog Nora is. What will we say?" I ask.

"We can tell them we don't know."

“We could say she's a black dog.”

“A pound puppy.”

“A pound princess.”

“A Highland Black.”

“A Highland Black?”

“Yes, she’s black and she lives in the Highlands.”


So we all agree. Nora is a Highland Black. Do you think anyone will question us further? Maybe they'll assume it’s a breed they’ve never heard of before. They might nod their heads knowingly, unwilling to show their ignorance. What do you think?

So what does a Highland Black look like? Highland Blacks are medium-sized dogs. They have short velvety coats, thumpy tails, gentle natures, soft floppy ears and long legs perfect for running. Yes, our Highland Black is going to be a running dog.

Andy and I and our girls run along the bush tracks close to home. We love pounding down the tracks, running in and out of the shade of the tall gum trees. We hope Nora will enjoy running with us. I am sure her 6 month old long legs will grow even longer. They will be perfect for dashing through the bush, on the end of a leash, of course. We don’t want her chasing any kangaroos.

“We still need to buy a leash,” I say.

“It needs to be a pink one, to match Nora’s collar and pet tag.”

Yes, Nora’s accessories are pink, hot pink. She's going to be a very girly dog. I'm sure she won't mind. Highland Blacks aren't upper-class, nose-in-the-air dogs. No, they are dogs who know how to have fun.

“Do you think hot pink will look good on a black velvet coat?” I ask.

“Of course!” everyone says.

I'm not sure, but then I remember my running shoes. They are the most expensive item in my wardrobe: special shoes designed for running over uneven and rocky terrain. They are magnificent. And they are black and hot pink.

“Nora is going to match my shoes!” I say. Yes, she is going to look magnificent too.

Andy arrives home with a big cardboard box. He deposits it on the patio and our three cats crowd around the door, curious to see what's inside. 

"It's just as well cats can't read otherwise they'd be panicking," says Imogen. LARGE DOG KENNEL: The words are printed in bold letters on the front of the box.

Poor cats.

The cats aren't the only ones in for a surprise on Wednesday. Nora is too. She'll no longer be a stray. Instead she'll be Nora the Explorer. And when her legs are a little longer, she'll be our running dog. 

Do you think she'd be grinning if she knew? I do.

Image: I hope Nora and our cats get on with each other, like this cat and dog.

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  1. How fun to soon be welcoming Nora into her forever family! I like the accessories you picked out for her and I think she will like them too! I do hope she blends in with the cats and theysoon are the best of friends!


    1. Betty,

      'her forever family'... I like that! Tomorrow's the big day. I guess it will take the cats some time before they get used to Nora but I do hope they eventually all get on together. We assembled Nora's bed today and the cats immediately hopped onto it! At least they like that.

  2. A Highland Black. A running dog with pink accessories. How perfect. And I love the name Nora - ideal for a Highland Black, don't you think?

    I hope the cats are pleased.

    1. Nancy,

      I don't know another Highland Black called Nora. It's a wonderful name. Today, we met the animal volunteer who named Nora. She was very pleased to hear our dog is keeping the name she chose. I shall have to post some photos of Nora wearing her hot pink accessories. She is going to look magnificent!

  3. I've bought so many seatbelts for my dog...I end up not being able to find them and having to buy another one almost every time we take a road trip!

    1. Stephanie,

      Last time we owned a dog, there weren't any rules about securing dogs to a seat belt. A dog could just sit on the floor at our feet. It was much simpler! Now our dog will need a seat of her own unless we can secure her to an anchor bolt in the cargo area. I hope we don't lose Nora's seatbelt attachment!

  4. Hoping yuor cats and Nora the running Expolrer will have lots of fun and runs together.

    1. Uglemor,

      Thank you! I'm sure we will all have lots of fun together. It's good to see you back on the Internet. I was sorry to read you were having computer problems.

  5. Beautiful family addition. I hope the cats quickly accept Nora, and she feels/gives nothing but love. Keep us posted. Good luck.
    Silvia @

    1. Silvia,

      I have a feeling Nora is going to be a very loving dog. She is very gentle and, even though all the other dogs at The Shelter barked and barked, she didn't. She just rolled onto her back, hoping to have her tummy scratched. I am sure my daughters and I will be posting lots of doggy stories and photos. Thank you so much for being interested!

  6. Nora seems to fit her perfectly! :)

    1. Maria,

      We did think of changing Nora's name but yes, it seems perfect for her! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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