Blogging from A - Z about clothes...

Today was a very long and doggy day... 

My husband Andy and I spend all morning shopping for Nora the Explorer, our soon-to-be-adopted dog. We buy a hot pink leash to go with her hot pink collar. We even find some hot pink pooper scooper bags. They come with their own dispenser that clips onto a leash. We buy a dog bed, though I doubt she’ll use it. I suspect Nora will want to join us on the sofa. Will she want to sleep on our bed? Will we let her? Of course we buy a huge bag of puppy food. But there is one thing we don’t buy.

“You should have seen the dog coat Dad wanted to buy for Nora,” I tell the girls, when we return home. “It was black and hot pink. It was so cute!”

“We can't let Nora get cold,” says Andy.

The girls laugh. “We thought you didn’t like dogs, Dad!”

Andy grins. He'll no longer be able to say, “I’m not a pet person.” We all know that’s just not true.

“If Nora needs a coat we can buy her one another day,” I say. "We can take her into the shop and make sure we get the right size."

Nora would look great in a black and hot pink coat, but does she really need one? I’m not sure. What do you think? The temperature does get down to freezing point overnight here in winter, but will Nora be outside at that time of day? No; she’ll probably be still curled up safely within the house, where it's nice and warm.

We put all the doggy supplies away. We eat lunch. I start to write my 'S' post. It’s about sports clothes. I am partway through the story when someone from the Animal Shelter phones. Can we come down and sign the adoption papers? Write my post or go with Andy to the Shelter? I abandon my writing. Maybe we'll get to see our dog.

We deal with the paperwork. Then we ask if we can see Nora for a few minutes. We can.

“Would you like a cuddle?” asks the animal carer.

“Oh yes, please!” I say.

A couple of minutes later, Nora appears on the end of a leash. She sits at our feet. Her tail goes thump! thump! on the ground. She is so cute!

As we drive home, I think about my 'S' post. My story isn’t nearly ready to publish. Will I manage to finish it so I can post it today? Do I even want to finish it? I realise I’ve lost interest in writing about sports clothes. I want to write about Nora instead. 

Can I make my doggy day into my 'S' post? Is it an 'S' story? Is it a clothes story?

I have just written Some more about our dog Nora. I told you about all the doggy Supplies we bought. I mentioned the pink and black coat we might buy her. (She would look So cute in it!)

Yes, this is definitely an 'S' post about clothes. 

By the way, Nora is nothing like the dog in this photo. In fact she's the complete opposite of Princess. So have you got an idea of what Nora the Explorer looks like? I hope so!

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  1. Congrats on adopting a new member of the family

    1. Thanks Stuart! We've never adopted a dog before so my daughters are very excited. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Tomorrow is the big day. Hoping for lots of pictures and a good laugh. Marsupilami is envious, he wants a dog as well. Me not so much. I'm not an early bird.

    1. Uglemor,

      We walked back from our morning run today singing, "This is the day!" I'm sure Nora will provide us with many funny stories. I hadn't thought about a dog waking us up early. I don't suppose it will make any difference if Nora is an early riser. Callum gets up before 5 am to go to work, weekends included, and usually wakes me up in the process! I'll post a photo soon for Marsupilami.

  3. Replies
    1. Kelly,

      It is exciting! I hope we have as much fun with Nora as you're having with your dog. No doubt Gemma-Rose will fill her letters to Gemma with lots of Nora stories!

  4. I think I do have an idea of what she looks like from what you described in yesterday's post. I think this is an appropriate S post as you talk about her supplies. We lived in Montana where it gets really cold (like -20 degrees or cooler; not sure what that would be in Celsius) but we never had a sweater/coat for Koda. He was more of an indoor dog and when it was really cold we would just send him out to take care of "dog business" and then bring him back in, unless of course our son was playing in the snow and then he had to be out there with him, no matter how cold.

    Exciting times for your family!


    1. Betty,

      Oh my! It sure does get cold where you live! That's about -29 degrees Celsius. If Koda doesn't need a coat then Nora certainly doesn't need one. Thank you for that info.

      I suppose we're not very tough compared to you. I can't imagine playing outside in the snow. One winter years ago, we did have a light sprinkling of snow that settled for a short time. My kids couldn't wait to go outside and play in it. They spent a long time putting on their coats and hats and gloves. I think they were outside no longer than ten minutes. They came back inside saying, "It's too cold out there, Mum!"

  5. Looking so so so so SO forward to pictures!!

    1. Nancy,

      I think the photos of Nora will be rather ordinary compared to this one of Princess. Highland Blacks aren't known for their good looks. Nora might be grinning though!

  6. Congrats new Mama of Nora the Explorer! I can hardly wait to see a photo of her. I have no idea what she looks like. Until I got to that last paragraph, I thought Nora was Princess and I could envision her in that hot black and pink coat. I was also seeing matching hot pink and black hat, like one that Jackie Onassis wore when she was the First Lady.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Susie,

      Princess is rather a good looking dog, isn't she? I could see her in a magnificent black and pink coat too. A matching hat? Oh yes! Unfortunately Nora is a rather ordinary looking dog but that doesn't matter at all. The girls will think she looks wonderful. As I write this, my husband Andy is on his way home with Nora! They'll be here very soon.

  7. Can't wait to meet Nora. I'm not sure what the opposite of that dog is...

    1. Stephanie,

      Nora has a black coat, not a blonde one. She is short haired, not long-haired. She is rather ordinary looking and not magnificently beautiful like Princess. I think she has a much shorter nose. I will post a photo and you will see what I mean!

  8. Nora the Explorer? Funny! We used to watch Dora all the time when Michaela was small! Looking forward to seeing your dog!

    (Yeah, Princess is magnificently beautiful ;)

    1. Mary,

      Dora would have been a good name as well! Nora was found exploring a horse stud. One of the animal volunteers gave her this name. We were going to change it but then decided we like it. I bet your dog has grown and settled well into your family. It must be a long time since you wrote your posts about your new puppy. I wonder how your dog loved the snow.


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