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I once saw the Queen. I got right up close to her. She was standing next to Bob Hawke. Bob Hawke? Oh this is going back a bit. He was Australia’s prime minister once upon a time. Anyway, Queen Elizabeth and Bob Hawke were standing together. Maybe the US president was there too. I don’t remember.

I walked all the way around the Queen so I could get a good look. Then I touched her arm. I touched the Queen’s arm. I wish I had a photo to show you. I didn’t have a camera. Andy (he was my fiancĂ© at the time) didn’t have one either. What a pity!

Even if I had a photo, it would be long out of date. I doubt the Queen still looks like she did the day I saw her. She’s probably got a brand new outfit. I'm guessing she has a whole new head, one with more wrinkles and lines. It happens to all of us, famous or not. I wonder if her posture has altered. A bit more stooped perhaps? Could she have changed shape a little? Unfortunately most of us do over time. We seem to get a little heavier and thicker in places we’d rather not. Yes, I'm sure Tussauds had to make the Queen a whole new body as well as a head. Hang on a minute. Will you wait while I go and check?

Yes, the Queen has changed. She's older but she is no less regal. Actually she's looking magnificent. Those wax workers did a marvellous job. (Prince Philip is looking good too.) She is now a Diamond Jubilee Queen. Follow this link if you'd like to see her for yourself. Now if I've got my facts and figures correct, that means the Queen's been on the throne 62 years. She must be getting rather mature. (I don't suppose it's polite to tell a queen she is getting old.) If I do some more calculating... Yes, she'll be turning 88 in 2 days' time. 

So years and years have passed since I touched the Queen's arm. But it was only several months ago, I actually thought I was the Queen. You see, I received a few blog awards and lots of love and attention, and I declared, “I couldn’t be more loved than if I were the Queen.” Before I knew it, I was hunting through my wardrobe looking for my yellow suit and big matching hat adorned with flowers. I found my gloves and handbag and pinned on a brooch.  It wasn’t long before I looked exactly like the Queen. I sat down on my throne and proceeded to write my acceptance speeches for all those blog awards. It took me quite a while to come back down off that high cloud and realise I wasn’t actually the Queen. I was just ordinary me.

Did you see that Queen post? It’s called Why I’m Feeling like the Queen.  It has a nice photo of the Queen at the top of it. I wrote the story and then searched for an appropriate image. What a surprise I got. In the first photo I found, the Queen was wearing an outfit that matched mine perfectly. I didn’t need to change a word of my story to make the photo fit. Was that a coincidence or does my wardrobe actually resemble the Queen’s? Am I a royal dresser?

Well, I have to admit I do like monochromatic colours. I don’t even mind bright clothes if they don’t clash with my red hair. But I don’t like anything that has to be ironed. I prefer denim and T shirt type materials. I don’t suppose the Queen wears those. And I like flat shoes, not heels. Oh, and no hats. I really hate hat hair. I guess I don’t have much of a royal wardrobe after all.

Queen Elizabeth isn't the only queen I've had intimate contact with. I know another Queen. I am very close to her, though I’ve never actually touched her, or even seen her. But I have crawled onto her lap many times. I've cried tears on her shoulder and felt her comforting touch. I’ve sheltered beneath her mantle.  I imagine it as a white mantle, pure and protecting, though it could be blue. Hiding beneath it feels safe, just like crawling into the arms of a mother. Well, I suppose that’s natural. She is our Mother after all. Jesus gave her to us before He died on the cross.

It is Holy Saturday. Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven, is waiting. We are all waiting. We are waiting for the Light to come into the world. A few more hours and the Paschal candle will be lit. The exquisite notes of the Exsultet will ring out, filling the darkened church. We will listen transfixed to the story of our salvation. We will receive Our Lord on this the most holy of nights. 

 We will be clothed with the joy of Easter. Oh! I can almost feel it. 

Can you?

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  1. I love how you led so smoothly from the queen to The Queen! (since you're writing about clothing, I wonder if I should have said you led 'seamlessly'?). I laughed out loud when you said the queen probably has a brand new outfit. Gosh - do you think she might? That yellow is quite wonderful on her. I'd probably wear it everywhere I went. I laughed even more about her whole new head. I have one of those too, with more wrinkles and lines than in years past.

    Terrific post!

    1. Nancy,

      I'm glad you laughed! Yes, I'm sure the Queen has had thousands of new clothes since I last saw her. (And a few new heads too!) I also love this yellow outfit. The subtle combination of pink and yellow is so attractive. I would never have thought of combining those two colours.

      I couldn't help but mention our Queen of Heaven, on Holy Saturday. The Queen of queens!

  2. I bought a shirt recently that has to be ironed...I didn't realize it until I washed it the first time. I realized, "Oh heck. I wonder if I could just take this shirt to the dry cleaner every time I wear it!"

    1. Stephanie,

      Oh some clothes never look quite the same once they are washed, unless they are ironed very carefully. I've made that mistake too. I haven't taken those clothes to the dry cleaner though. They just sit at the bottom of the ironing basket forgotten, which is rather a waste. I'd definitely take your shirt to the dry cleaner!

  3. Enjoyed reading this; you said it so well about how we do change over time as we age; how exciting to have met the queen years ago; I can't believe she will be 88 years old in just a few days; I wonder if she'll ever give the throne to Charles before she dies. She is a favorite of mine since she enjoys her corgis :)

    I do feel joy for Easter tomorrow. He is risen and I am so glad he has!

    May you and your family have a joyous Easter day!


    1. Betty,

      Yes, the Queen is looking so well, and still doing so much despite her age. Poor Charles will be a very old king by the time he receives the crown. Maybe he doesn't mind waiting. I imagine being a monarch is rather a demanding job. Oh yes, you have a corgi connection with the Queen. Maybe Koda is a royal dog!

      Thank you for your Easter greetings. I am indeed having a joyous day with my family. I hope you are too.

      Happy Easter!

  4. You had me, Sue. I was thinking to myself how was she able to touch Queen Elizabeth without being tackled by her guards. I could believe her actually being touched by the people. When she was visiting the U.S., a regular lady gave the queen a hug.
    A joyful and peaceful Easter to you,

    1. Susie,

      I imagine there are many people who'd like to touch the Queen. Maybe the Queen enjoyed that regular hug. It must be very wearing to always have to be so formal. I bet her heart was touched by that show of love. I don't suppose the security guards were happy though!

      I hope you are enjoying a joyful Easter Sunday. Happy Easter!

  5. That was lovely, Sue! There's no Queen to compare with Our Lady. I actually like Queen Elizabeth. I remember when she came to Australia and the nuns let us school kids skip classes and assemble along the highway to wave as she was driven past us :-) When Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister, I met him in the flesh! He came to visit us when I worked at Lifeline's donation centre in Sydney. He may as well have been made of wax though, for he surely acted like he was that day. No interaction. He just silently moved along behind wife Tammy.. who turned out to be a very vibrant and warm lady who made us feel delighted to have met HER!

    1. Trish,

      You really did see the Queen! I bet that was an exciting day for you and all your school friends.

      It's strange meeting famous people in the flesh. They are never as we imagine them. Tammy Frazer sounds like a delightful person. We sometimes see well known personalities where we live. This is an area where they seem to retreat to, to get out of the public eye. Do you remember Peter Garrett, lead singer of Midnight Oil and former politician? We used to live down the road from him. It was hard to imagine him singing on stage in front of thousands of fans, when we saw him in the supermarket buying bread and milk! Geoff Harvey, former musical director of channel 9's Midday Show, used to be the choir master of our parish choir. He still plays organ for us on Sunday mornings.

      Happy Easter!


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