Blogging from A - Z about clothes...

I’m tired. All I want to do is curl up on the sofa and go to sleep. But I have a ‘T’ post to write. I have a few story ideas about clothes that might work…

Tea Party Dress-ups
Tie Dye Trousers and Other Hand-Me-Down Stories
Tartan Punk
Trying on Clothes
Tired of My Clothes
Teenage Doll Fashion
Top Hat and Tails
A Tutu Tale

I go from one idea to another, and can’t decide which one's the best. None of them make me feel excited. My head feels heavy. I know my words, when I begin writing, will come out heavy too. They won’t pour easily onto the computer screen. They’ll be dull and uninteresting, and my stories won’t be worth reading.

So I’m sitting here feeling stuck. I haven’t got a ‘T’ post about clothes. Will I have a ‘U’ post tomorrow or a ‘V’ post the day after that?

It is strange how I can feel on fire one day. Then all of a sudden, I lose my sparkle and desire to write. They desert me without warning.  Normally this isn’t a problem. I just close my computer and go do something else for a while. Then just as suddenly, when I least expect it, a ‘brilliant’ idea pops into my head. I can't help myself: I run to the computer and start typing. The problem is over. I am up and running once again.

And so today I should close up shop. I should curl up on the sofa and take a snooze. Maybe I should make some tea or coffee, and munch a little chocolate before I close my eyes. But I can’t. I’m in the middle of the blogging challenge. I need a ‘T’ post.

I guess I could write about anything as long as it's vaguely related to the letter 'T'. It doesn't really matter what I post as long as I post something. Except it does matter. It matters to me. I want to write something I feel happy with. Do you know what I mean?

So what am I going to do? I think I will go make that coffee, find an Easter egg to enjoy, join the cats on the sofa, and then watch a movie or have a sleep. I am going to forget about the challenge, at least for today. 

How’s your blogging challenge going? Are you still enjoying writing a daily post? Or have you hit a low like me? If you have any ideas on how to get moving again, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. You wrote a T post. A lot of people get tired by this point. Don't worry about it.

    1. Stuart,

      You're quite right! I did write a post. I could easily have dropped out of the challenge yesterday, but I didn't. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. I think you did great with your T post; you listed subjects you might write about if you weren't so tired :) It is weary at this part of the challenge. Honestly, I wrote all of mine before the challenge began and just fine tuned them if I wanted to before I posted them. Its the only way I could have gotten through this. Rest up, the end is near!


    1. Betty,

      I could always write those T stories sometime in the future. The end is near... you are so right. It would be a shame to give up at this point. I just wrote my 'U' post. It's ready to publish so that's only 5 posts to go. I think I might be able to do that after all!

  3. I pre-wrote mine..but I have to tell you, the ones at the end of the alphabet were the hardest. X? Z? Some of mine were kinda cheats because there really aren't that many U and Z indulgences, to be honest!

    1. Stephanie,

      I didn't have time to pre-write any of my posts. I didn't decide to do the challenge until almost the last moment. I guess if I had a few posts already written, I wouldn't be feeling so pressured.

      U and Z indulgences? Unlimited sleep and a trip to the Zoo. They'd be my favourite indulgences starting with these letters! There is a wonderful zoo in Sydney but we only get to visit it once every couple of years. It's an expensive day out. Can't wait to see what you chose for your U, Z and Z posts!

  4. I love your T post! Perfect for this tired time!!!

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you! The photo of the cat was worth posting at least. And I am still here! I have a 'U' post. Now I must think of a 'V' one. I shall be over to read your posts as soon as I can.

  5. Hi Sue, I definitely feel you on this. I've reached low and didn't have the motivation at all to continue posting for the A-Z challenge. But it was a commitment I made to myself and not just with the sign-up list! So I post, no matter how mundane I feel the content is. I hope the postcards will make it up to my readers and will still make it worth the visit to my page.

    1. Maria,

      Yes, it's hard to give up when we've made a commitment. Usually I make myself finish everything I start. I'm stubborn! Images are always good to look. I will enjoy your postcards even if you can't find the right words to match them.

  6. That's exactly how I felt with my T post. Didn't feel like writing. Because I had a doodle of a television, I wrote a post on that. I thought it was lame, but then that's the way it goes. Onward to the end. And beyond.

    1. Susie,

      I guess the main thing is to keep going, even if we're not happy with our posts. I had a better day today. I managed to write a complete post and also two draft posts. The end isn't that far away. Beyond? I am looking forward to spending my free moments doing something other than writing blog posts! Though after a day or two away from my blog, I'll probably want to start writing again.


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