Blogging from A - Z about clothes... A story about a vest, or maybe a waistcoat, but not a singlet...

The first time I married Andy he wore a grey morning suit, complete with top hat and tails. This wasn’t what he originally planned to wear. When we were first discussing our wedding details, I'd said, “We’re not having a church wedding so maybe formal outfits are a bit much, a little over-the-top.” A long white dress with a veil might seem rather out of place in a sterile registry office. So might a formal suit.

But then I changed my mind. I was only going to have one wedding. “Let’s make the most of the occasion. Let’s dress up.” Andy was agreeable. I don't think he really minded what he wore as long as we got married. 

So I bought a frothy white dress, with a hooped skirt that hovered close to the floor. My mother made me a ribbon-trimmed veil which we attached to a band of white flowers. I even bought some high heels.

Andy decided he and his groomsmen would hire formal suits. When I saw my soon-to-be-husband on our wedding day, my eyes opened wide. He was wearing a three piece suit and he looked absolutely fabulous, perfect in every way. Except his outfit wasn’t really perfect.

“I remember being fitted for that suit,” laughs Andy. “I told the assistant it was too tight and he said, ‘Oh no! You don’t want the suit to fit comfortably. A close fitting suit will look much better in the photos.’ I could hardly move when all the buttons were done up."

"How did you dance then?" I ask. "You did lots of dancing."

"Don't you remember? We changed our clothes before the dancing began."

I don't remember. But I do remember something else.

“Do you remember your suit vest?” I ask.

“Yes. It only had a front. It was attached to my body with two pieces of elastic that criss-crossed over my shoulders." He grins. “It looked good with the jacket on...”

"... but you couldn't take the jacket off." We both grin.

Why would a wedding suit have a vest with no back? Were backless vests cheaper to make? Was it because one vest with adjustable elastic fits all sizes? Or does a vest without a back sit more smoothly and look better for photos? I have no idea.

Quite to my surprise, we did end up having more than one wedding day. I did get two chances to dress up. But when we were married for the second time, I didn't bother with a long white gown and a veil. Andy didn't wear a formal wedding suit with a backless vest. Instead I wore a pretty flowered dress and Andy wore black trousers and a white shirt. 

Almost 8 years after our registry office wedding, Andy and I had a church wedding. It was a perfect occasion, and we were both even happier than we'd been on our first wedding day. Which all goes to prove it’s not the clothes which are important, but the ceremony. 

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  1. After several break-ups and then losing the man I thought is "the one" just very recently, I start to grow a feeling of jealousy with women my age who ajust got married or planning a wedding. It's sad to think, I am not as adequate as them that no man proposes to spend a lifetime with me?

    I hope it is just delayed in my case and I pray like you, I will meet the man who will marry me not just once but twice!

    1. Maria,

      I am so sorry you're having a hard time at the moment. It is very difficult not to compare ourselves with others. I used to do this after my baby died. Why didn't I have a healthy baby like other mothers? Why were other mothers pregnant when I wasn't? Oh yes, I yearned so much to have what others had. There seemed to be such a big hole in my life that just had to be filled.

      Maria, you are such a loving person. When the right person comes along, he will be very fortunate. I pray too that it won't be long before you find your soul mate. Sometimes wonderful things happen when we least expect it.

  2. I was trying to figure out how that would work! I've never seen a backless vest...but you're right. You could never take your jacket off and most weddings feature dancing, so that isn't a good idea!

    1. Stephanie,

      Looking at the photo I can't tell the vest had no back. If it had been me, I'd have insisted on hiring a suit with a proper vest so I could have removed the jacket. I don't suppose the men even thought about this when they were being fitted for their suits!

  3. What a handsome couple! What a beautiful bride! Both times!

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you! Regardless of clothes, I think we all look beautiful on our wedding days. It must be the inner glow of happiness!

  4. That is interesting about the back less vest; hadn't heard of that, but probably like you said to save cloth, thinking someone might not take off their jacket. Love the pictures of both of your weddings :)


    1. Betty,

      The backless vest was certainly unusual! Thank you for reading my story and sharing my wedding photos!

  5. I love seeing old photos like these - what a treat. You and Andy both look wonderful in both photos. And I have another treat in store - I am very behind with your blogs so I am about to treat myself to reading over all you've written in April. Well done - you're nearly there!

    1. Lucinda,

      You are very kind! Thank you for reading my posts. I imagine not many people find time to keep up with my blogs. I have so many of them! I should write less and read more. Oh well, I won't be posting every day on this blog after Wednesday. Yes, the challenge is nearly over. It looks like I'm going to finish!


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