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Please don't leave without me by Shannon (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I often think about when you came to visit me last April. Do you remember what a great time we had? I was so worried we wouldn’t have much to say to each other, but we talked and talked. Can you believe that was a whole year ago? Now it’s my turn to travel. Only another day or so and I‘ll see you again!

I’m packing my suitcase. At least I’m trying to pack it. I can’t seem to get the zipper zipped up. The two halves of my suitcase just won’t meet. Too many clothes? Too many clothes for the suitcase, but maybe not for the trip. All right, I admit it. I find it hard to travel light. Perhaps I do have a few too many clothes. But what shall I toss out? I’d better look again at your last letter:

Bring clothes for all seasons. It can get very hot in the day. It might get cold overnight. And this time of year it could be wet. Then again, it might be dry. And you’ll need some glamorous clothes. We plan on taking you out somewhere special! But don’t forget to bring plenty of ordinary clothes as well….

Well, that’s not much help.

I'm pulling everything out of my suitcase and spreading it across the bed so I can see exactly what I have. Underwear… that’s essential, and so are my pyjamas… summer or winter ones? And will I need slippers? How about a dressing gown?

“Nora! Come back with my slipper!”

You should see our new dog, Nora. She’s a Highland Black. She’s 6 months old and has this huge sniffy nose. Oh my! That nose is into everything. It vacuums up every available smell. It especially likes sniffing out cats.

Our poor cats! I bet they wish they could stow away in my suitcase and come visit you, instead of staying here with that over-active dog. Better still, I bet they wish Nora would stow away. They wouldn’t want her to come back. Do you want a dog? Just kidding! I bet Nora improves with time and some training. She is rather adorable.

I have retrieved the slipper. It’s a bit soggy. Perhaps I don’t need slippers. But I do need my running shoes, my hot pink and black ones. I was wondering whether a hot pink collar would look good with Nora’s black coat. Well, it does. Did you see my photos of the dog on Facebook? I’ll pop a few into my suitcase to show you when I arrive.

When I arrive? Only a few hours until I leave! I’d better finish my packing. My son Callum’s going to drive me up to the airport in Sydney. Do you remember how he picked you up from there last year? You had a ride in his old ute. And survived! Well, I won’t be travelling in the ute. You see, it’s in pieces. It has no engine. It’s missing a lot of other parts too. Callum will be driving his low-to-the-road Commodore station wagon with the growling engine instead.

Okay, I’ve made some decisions: a few denim skirts, a couple of  'Sunday' outfits, a stack of T shirts, a hoodie and a couple of cardigans, a light jacket, some undies, pyjamas, track pants, shorts, running shoes, flat shoes, boots, some toiletries and my hairdryer. I can’t go anywhere without my hairdryer. What do you think? Will those clothes do? Swimmers? Oh I forgot the glamorous outfit. Actually I don’t have one. I know: We can go shopping when I arrive. Do you like shopping? I don't, but it might be fun if I'm shopping with you. You can help me choose a new dress.

My suitcase is closed. I just need to pack my hand luggage. I have my passport and my airplane ticket. I’d better find my Kindle and my iPod. Oh I will need my good camera as well. I’m going to take thousands of photos. I am so excited!

Not long and I will be with you. I’ll see you on the other side of the barrier. You’ll smile and so will I. I’ll rush forward. We’ll open our arms and we will hug. Oh it will feel so good! And then we’re going to talk and talk and talk…

I’ll see you the day after tomorrow…I can't wait.

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  1. This was cute to read. I love Nora; so sweet! Let's hope she leaves slippers alone. You are always welcome to visit us in San Diego, California :)


    1. Betty,

      You are so kind! I know from looking at your blogging challenge photos, you live in a very beautiful part of the world. Maybe one day I will see San Diego for myself!

  2. That's the solution! Buy clothes when you arrive.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

    1. LIz,

      I like the sound of travelling light and buying my clothes when I arrive. As this is an imaginary trip, I guess I can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes! Thank you for visiting my blog. It is lovely to 'meet' you.

  3. What fun. Yes, packing can be a pain, but well worth it!

    1. Stephanie,

      The only thing worse than packing is unpacking. At least packing is accompanied by a feeling of excitement. Unpacking is just hard work, especially if everything needs to be washed!

  4. I just wrote a comment and LOST IT. I am all-thumbs today. But I know I said I LOVE this fun post! Fly fast.. I'm waiting!

    1. Nancy,

      How frustrating! Thank you for writing a second comment. It is fun to dream a little and write imaginary stories. Not as much fun as a real trip but cheaper and less work! I'll be there very soon. Make sure you have some tea and cake waiting!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I've been celebrating a birthday today and didn't find much time for going online. Thank you for your comments. I hope to answer them tomorrow and then come and visit your blogs to read your posts too!

  6. Nora is adorable! I can see how she stole your heart and had to come home with you. Happy Birthday, by the way. No doubt you'll have a wonderful trip. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Susie,

      Thank you for the birthday greetings! I'd love to take a trip around the world, to meet all the wonderful friends I've made while blogging. btw, I've really enjoyed meeting you. I'll be over to visit your blog soon. I love your stories!

  7. Hi Sue,

    Having to travel for work for the past 3 years, I've learned to pack in 15 minutes or less! I am a light traveler. But I was just traveling within the country.

    Going overseas where the weather is different from my home country is different story for me. In 2012 I attended a conference to Glasgow. They advised it will be early summer but I am scared it will still be cold, a lot colder considering I am coming from the warm and humid Manila. It was difficult for me to decide what type of clothing to bring. In the end, my suitcase exceeded the weight allowance by 4 kilos!

    On top of deciding what clothes to bring, packing the suitcase and making sure we have all our travel necessities, you were perfect in concluding this post by having someone welcome you, arriving in your destination. It may be a friend, member of the family, or a lover -- the joy of being reunited is always priceless!

    I wish you a great week ahead.

    Friendly hugs,

    1. Maria,

      You can pack in 15 minutes or less? Wow! That's impressive. You should see our family packing to go away on holiday. It takes us days to pack. It's a huge job. That's probably why we don't often go away!

      Oh yes, going overseas is different to taking a trip within the same country. I imagine Glasgow was very cold. I bet you needed all those extra clothes.

      It's been a long time since we met anyone at the airport but I do remember the tears of joy and the big hugs as we welcomed family home. Yes, yiu are so right: that feeling is priceless.

      I hope you're having a good week!

  8. I only wrote an answer to this blog in my head. Now I have the time to type it as well. I'm looking forwards to seeing you here. I'ts early Summer, justa as cold as your winter, yesterday we woke to forst on lawns and flowers, so pack your beste winter clothes an something a bit cooler. We won't go swimming yet as the water is icy, but we live near a wood, so please bring your black/pink running shoes. Everybody around here is loving that combination as well :)
    Shopping for clothes is not a thing I normally like to do, but It would be fun to hear you tel of the differences to an Australian clothes shop. As Danes are quite informal, your Sunday's finest would be more than enough for almost any occasion except maybe visiting the Queen - which we won't do.
    I'm going to meet you at the airport with all the Owlets and drive you through our colourful country of bright green beech woods and glowing yellow canola fields in our old mini-bus.

    1. Uglemor,

      Oh no! I shall have to tip everything out of my suitcase and start again. I haven't got enough warm clothes. Frost on your lawns? I'm going to need a coat, not a light jacket. I'm not used to the cold.

      Oh I do like the sound of your woods. We were discussing woods and our native bush recently. We have lots of smaller plants growing in the shade of our gum trees, which flower at different times of the year.If we go off the path we have to bash our way through the vegetation. Are your woods the type that are very shady with little undergrowth?

      We won't be meeting the Queen? Never mind. I'd rather see you and all the owlets. I can't wait to see you and drive through your beautiful country!

      Oh I do love to dream! Thank you for joining in.

  9. I traveled for 15 years and became pretty proficient at packing. However, my cats were highly distressed when they saw the suitcases come out, so I just left them out on the living room floor, open, for them to play in when I was home. I still love to travel, but have no reason to do so. I hope your trip is lovely and everything you wish it to be, Sue. Love, Mary

    1. Mary,

      It would be lovely if this trip was real, but it only exists in my imagination! Maybe one day I will get to travel and visit my blogging friends. In the meantime, I'm quite happy at home, dreaming... You have no reason to travel? Maybe you'll visit your online friends too one day! xx


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