Susie knocks on my door. She says, “Sue, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can get the details at this page on my blog: The View from the Top of the Ladder.”

I reply, “Oh wow! Thank you Susie. What a surprise!”

“To get your award, you have to tell me 11 facts about yourself.”

“Come on in,” I say. “I’ll fill the kettle and we'll have some coffee, while I tell you about myself.” But what will I say? What haven’t I already told everyone? I think and I think but my mind remains blank. But then I remember Susie is a new friend. I met her and her fabulous blog during the recent A – Z challenge. Maybe Susie doesn’t know much about me. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if I repeat myself.

So I make two mugs of coffee and this is what I tell Susie about myself.

  1. I’ve been married to Andy for nearly 31 years which must mean I’m getting older though I don’t feel like I am. Somehow my outside no longer matches my inside.
  2. I have 7 living children. My son Thomas died when he was one day old, and I also lost 7 other babies due to miscarriage. This means I know a little bit about grief, love and hope. Hey! That would make a good title for a book. 
  3. I’m homeschooling my children. (Four have grown up and moved onto other things). Actually we’re unschoolers which means different things to different people. Perhaps I’m weird and irresponsible. More likely I am very blessed and receiving a wonderful education.
  4. I live in Australia in a small village, which suits me just fine. I’m a homebody, a bit of an introvert. I like the quiet life. So does my family which is just as well because nothing much happens around here. Oh that’s not quite true! The other day we walked past our parish church just as the coffin of someone very famous (but unknown to us) was being carried out to the hearse. A lone piper piped and a drummer drummed. Famous people were among the mourners… Perhaps I should tell that story properly another day.
  5. I’m a runner. I used to run before I had children. Three years ago, I thought about that wonderful I-can-run-forever feeling. I wanted to feel it again. I decided I’d become a runner once more. What I’d forgotten was the pain I’d have to endure before I could run more than a few metres without gasping for air. But I persevered. If I can run, anyone can. So if you've thought about running, but haven't yet laced up your running shoes, what are you waiting for? ... Oh my! This post will be long if I don’t hurry up. A few quick facts…
  6. I have red hair.
  7. I am short (155cms).
  8. I hate gardening even though I have a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in botany.
  9. I can’t sing.
  10. I might learn to sing. My daughter Imogen has offered to give me some lessons.
  11. I love to write. You didn't know that, did you?
  12. Oh and I always seem to break the rules.

 "Now you have to answer a few of my questions," says Susie...

What was the last thing that made you laugh?
I forget. Probably something someone said while we were eating dinner last night. We have lots of funny conversations. We're a bit weird.

What's one thing that irks you?
I hate it when I visit someone and the phone rings, and my host or hostess disappears for hours to have a private conversation, while i sit wondering what to do.

About how long do you think can you stand on one foot?
30 seconds.

Time yourself. How long did you actually stand on one foot?
2 minutes and 54 seconds

What would you want for your last meal?
I’d prefer to receive Holy Communion one last time instead of a meal. But chocolate might be the easiest thing to swallow if I have to appear brave and eat something.

What's something that you would not regret about having missed doing?
I keep reading this sentence and my mind goes blank. I’ll regret letting my coffee go cold so I shall move onto the next question.

What's one thing that scares you, but you do it anyway? 
Public speaking used to scare me, but I did it anyway. The thought of making a video of myself used to scare me, but I did it anyway. I can't think of anything I'm doing at the moment that scares me. I have discovered that most things aren’t as scary as I sometimes imagine.

What's something fun that you would like to do right now?
I feel like sipping a glass of red wine and chatting to a few good friends over a delicious meal. I haven’t done that for a while.

Would you rather be an eagle, crow, or parakeet?
Could I be a superb fairy wren instead?

If you could be a sitcom character, who would you be?
I don’t watch TV so I don’t know any current sitcom characters. When I was a child I wanted to be Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch.

Who rules -- Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett, or Jo March?
Jane Eyre. I cried so much when I first read this book as a child.

Now I’m supposed to write 11 questions of my own and pass on this award to other bloggers. But… I never go by the rules so I’m not going to do that bit. This means I won’t get my Leibster award but that’s okay. I have enjoyed answering Susie’s questions anyway, and being nominated is good enough.

So I have come to the end of my post. “Were those answers okay, Susie?" Was that a nod I saw. I hope so.

Please visit Susie’s blog, The View from the Top of the Ladder. You won't be disappointed. Susie is a fabulous storyteller. You will enjoy her tales immensely.

Thank you for the award nomination, Susie!

Image: Of course that's Marcia Brady on the left.

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  1. Replies
    1. Stephanie,

      Unschooling is a type of homeschooling. Children learn by following their interests rather than being presented with a structured educational program designed by a parent. Many people don't really understand what unschooling is and so they label it irresponsible, a lazy way of homeschooling. Actually it involves a lot of hard work but it's a wonderful way of living!

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers to learn about yourself. You certainly do know a lot about grief with the grief you have experienced over your life; it will be neat to be reunited with all your children some day. I'm trying to think how short 155 cm would be in feet/inches.


    1. Betty,

      I suppose I do know a lot about grief! But yes, I will know much joy when I am reunited with all those children. I like how you mentioned that.

      155 cms is about 5 ft 1 1/2 inches. It's tall enough but less than the average height. Skirts and pants are always far too long for me!

  3. Keep talking! We love to hear more about you and your great family! Congratulations on another well deserved Liebster Award. I'm waiting to hear all about the famous person.......

    1. Nancy,

      You are so kind! The famous person... Yes, I might write that story. It's not every day a famous person has a funeral in our parish church! The only problem is you probably won't know who this person is. I didn't until I did some research on the internet!

  4. Nice to hear from you again. I'ts always fun to hear from you and your background. I'd want to be an owl - of course.

    1. Uglemor,

      An owl? Yes, of course! Now I'm regretting not taking the time to pass on the award and 11 new questions. I could have given them to you and then I would have had the delight of reading all about you and your family. You could answer the same questions as me!

  5. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. :-) I would've wanted to be Jan Brady. I always thought of her as the Cinderella of the bunch. Thank you for playing along, Sue. I love that you bend the rules. You're my kind of gal. You definitely deserve the Liebster Award. Have I spelled that right? I ought to look it up, but then I'll lose what I want to say.

    I'm sorry about your Thomas and your miscarriages. I've had one and, if he or she had made it, I like to think he or she would've been a wonderful 21 year old who still thinks his/her mama is sweetly insane. Alas, I have no children, unless I can now count the Husband, the Mama, and Molly the Cat. I wanted 5 and today when I hear a great name I think that would be a good one for one of the kids. Who knows, maybe in a parallel universe, the Husband and I are enjoying our 5 children who I have home schooled. Methinks we have similar thoughts about unschooling.

    I used to run, actually jog. I lived in San Francisco then and would run through Golden Gate Park pretending I was an ancient messenger running between villages. I tried jogging last year, but it was too jarring on my knees. Should I lose another 20 pounds, it might be okay. Until then, I get the wind-in-my-face joy through pedaling my cruiser.

    Okay, I'm getting long here. Thanks for playing along with the questions, Sue. I've enjoyed reading everything about you. As Anne of Green of Gables would say, I believe I've met a kindred spirit in you. :-)

    1. Susie,

      I enjoyed your comment! Long comments are such a treat.

      I am so sorry you also know the pain of losing a baby because of miscarriage. I may have lost more children but you grieved for the five you dreamt about. That must be hard. Life never happens as we imagine it will. Sometimes it is very difficult to see God's plan. But I know everything will work out perfectly. I'm guessing your sense of humour and your fabulous husband have helped you cope. And of course the Mama, who knows grief of her own.

      You'd be an unschooler? Oh that is so good. Yes, we are definitely kindred spirits. I think that's fantastic!

      Thank you so much for the Leibster award, Diana. I really enjoyed playing along. Your friend, Anne. Or am I Diana and you Anne? No, I am Anne. I have the red hair!

  6. Sue, I typed a comment here when this first came out but I was on a mobile and the spell check was rude to me so I deleted it. I didn't know you have 7 babies in heaven. Oh wow! And I can't garden or sing either so that makes two of us. LOL on your line my outsides don't match my insides. Do you have a wedding photo in here? I think you had one before but I'm now curious about your outsides 31 years ago.

    1. Anabelle,

      "... the spell check was rude to me..." That made me smile! So frustrating though when technology won't do what it's told. Anyway, thank you for returning and leaving another comment.

      We must be twins, Anabelle! Separated by time (lots of it), of course!

      A wedding photo. There are several on my blog as you guessed. The most recent post containing one is 'Vests Without Backs, Top Hats and Tails'

      If one isn't enough, here's a second photo:

      'Then, Now and For Always'

      I wonder if you'll recognise me from my younger outside!

  7. Hi Sue,
    Someone suggested to me that I create a blog.. so this morning I finally got around to it, and not knowing what a blog really was I came across your blog. The second entry in your blog that I read was the rewritten version of Hello again, it captivated me and Im hooked. Keep writing!

    1. Michelle,

      I am so glad you stumbled across my rewritten version of 'Hello Again'. The original was deathly boring! Oh well, it was my first post. You will enjoy blogging. I do! I have made so many great friends, and learnt a lot about writing over the past few years.

      I haven't written much for this blog recently. After writing a post a day during April, I seem to have slowed right down. I've been over at my unschooling blog instead. But I do love writing here so I will be back. Thank you for your encouraging words. I'd love to visit your blog if you leave the address. Thank you for stopping by!


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