Bob Blogosphere is a fictional character. If you'd like to hear the beginning of his story, please read my post Me? I'm Elvis' Wife.

This story is for Anabelle who writes at the blog, Written by the Finger of God.

I hear a knock and when I open my front door, I see a man slouched against the wall, his head hanging low. It’s Bob Blogosphere.

“Bob!” I say.

He raises his head and I notice his pale face. There’s dark circles under his eyes, and a deep line etched on his forehead. 

“Bob!” I repeat. “Come in.” 

Bob, the most famous man in the blogosphere, shuffles over the threshold, without saying a word. He drops carelessly into an armchair. After looking at his feet for a moment - I notice he’s wearing odd socks - he raises his eyes and they meet mine. Is that fear I see?

“Is anything the matter, Bob? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Not a ghost,” says Bob. “It’s worse. I've seen God. I saw His finger. It was pointing straight at me.” He gulps. “God said, ‘Take Anabelle to Mass.' So I did."


“Yes, Anabelle… that blogging friend of yours. We went to a shrine and there were pews and statues and crucifixes…And I found myself saying all kinds of religious things.” Bob shivers.

I don’t understand. “Anabelle’s a great person. And Mass is good. Why are you so upset?” Before Bob can answer, I add, "Actually Bob, I can't imagine you in a church talking about faith stuff. Are you sure you weren't dreaming?"

"Of course I was dreaming!" says Bob, his voice rising. "I'm not religious!" 

Then his voice softens, and a small smile appears on his face. "I felt comfortable and at home in that church... so peaceful. I knew exactly what to do and say." Then his voice changes again. His words tumble out in a rush: "Of course, crazy things like that happen in dreams."

"I wonder why you had such a strange dream, Bob."

"It was a prefigurement, a foreshadowing of something that's about to happen!" Bob's voice is rising again. He stands up and begins pacing up and down the room. "I've just been invited to a Catholic wedding. I have to enter a church. I need to look calm and cool, just like I did in my dream." He sighs. 

"Bob, don't worry. You can go inside a church without knowing what to do. Everyone will be very friendly. No one will stare at you.

Not stare at Bob? That was the wrong thing to say. 

"Of course everyone will stare!" Bob turns towards me, his eyes flashing. "I'm Bob Blogosphere. People expect me to know everything. I'm perfect, you see. And there’ll be reporters at the wedding with cameras. My performance inside the church will be beamed all around the world. Everyone will see me.”

“Performance? Won’t the cameras be too busy filming the bride and groom?”

Bob suddenly stands tall. He tucks in his shirt and raises his nose into the air. “Oh no! No one will be interested in them. They’re not famous… like me!”

“So what’s all this got to do with me, Bob?”

“Well, you know about this faith stuff. You’re Catholic aren’t you? You can give me some lessons, tell me what to do.”

I hide a smile behind my hand. Bob wants me to tell him about faith stuff?

“Of course, you can’t tell anyone. It has to be our secret.”

“If I help you, will you write an article about my blog for the Blogosphere News?”

Bob waves my question away. I sigh.

  • Will I give Bob lessons on the Catholic faith?
  • Will he believe what I tell him?
  • Will he appear calm and cool at the wedding?
  • Will he impress the reporters?
  • Will anyone notice the bride and groom?
Stay tuned to find out!


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  1. Oh Sue, I can't wait for the next installment! Please tell me what happens to dear Bob. You need to start working on that novel already.

    1. Anabelle,

      I've got the next instalment written in my head! I'm glad you like dear Bob. I don't think he has many real friends!

  2. Gosh this is fun!!. Following Bob around the blogosphere (I was delighted when I found him over at Anabelle's). and now we get to see how he behaves at a wedding? Oh fun..... I can hardly wait!

    1. Nancy,

      Fiction is fun, even if the stories are rather silly. I like being in control of a character, though Bob managed to escape without me and make his way over to Anabelle's blog. I don't think the bride and groom should have invited Bob to their wedding. What happened? I shall tell you soon!

  3. Oh Sue, maybe you can convert Bob to the Faith. Now that would be something! I agree with Anabelle: we need a book! I have so much catching up to do on your blog....but that's always so much fun. I've been busy falling in love with my new granddaughter :) Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

    1. Patricia,

      Convert Bob to the Faith? You never know. All things are possible!

      There's more important things for you to do at the moment than read my blog. Yes, you must spend as much time with your granddaughter as possible. She will grow so quickly. Enjoy every minute!

      I hope you are having a happy Pentecost Sunday!

  4. Almost I feel sorry for Bob now. What a horrible situation for him, I mean his whole wordl is shaky. Waiting for next installment.

    1. Uglemor,

      I think you are quite right: Bob is about to lose control of his world. I might bring some romance into Bob's life. What do you think? Next installment soon!

  5. Hi Sue - I love your post!!! Bob is very funny!!!
    Also, I tagged you on my blog...

    1. Sararose,

      Thank you for reading my Bob story. It was lovely of you to tag me. I'll see what I can do. God bless!

  6. Replies
    1. Colleen, thank you for reading my silly story!

  7. Great job with this installment. What fun!

    1. Stephanie,

      It's been a lot of fun having an ongoing story about Bob. The only problem is new readers might not understand the story, not having read the previous instalments. One new reader was a bit confused a year or so ago, and wondered if Bob was real. Thank you so much for reading my post and stopping to comment!


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