Gina, at Someday (hopefully) They'll Be Saints, included one of my stories in her current fitness post series. I wrote about how exercise is helping me deal with the 'trauma' of getting older.

My story begins...
I woke up one morning with an urge to run like the wind. I wanted to put my body into top gear and feel it come alive.
Many years ago, my husband Andy and I ran kilometre after kilometre, every evening after work. I remember rhythmically pounding along the footpaths, my feet flying, my arms pumping, my hair lifting in the breeze, thinking I could run forever.  It was a wonderful, exhilarating feeling.
And I wanted to feel that way again. But it had been years since those running days. Of course I was a lot older. Could I still run?....  Read More
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  1. Wow! I feel like I can do anything too - just from reading your post, lol! I think you are such a great inspiration, Sue! It's true..there are things we can't change..aging being one of them..but we can do things about our health. I have recently challenged myself to get fitter too. This week I've given up sugar and grains and cut down on dairy as a kind of slower entry into doing the Whole30 challenge. Have you heard of it? 30 days of cutting out processed food and things which trigger inflammation and allergy etc. A bit like the Paleo diet. Anyway, so far I lost a few kilos and looking forward to having more energy and less pain pretty soon. After reading this...I might take up running, too! :-)

    1. Trish,

      The Whole30 challenge? I've heard about that! Another of my blogging friends is participating. Oh I'm glad to hear you're noticing some differences. It sounds like the challenge will be worth it.

      We don't eat a Paleo diet particularly, but we do use some of the recipes now and then, because they sound so delicious and use healthy ingredients. Since we gave up sugar we've been experimenting with recipes using nuts and nut flours, coconut, quinoa, chia seeds... lots of different things!

      I'm sure you could take up running too, Trish. Some people don't like the thought of pounding along kilometre after kilometre but if the scenery is beautiful, it can be a very enjoyable thing to do. Lots of time to think and even pray. I sometimes think about writing while I'm running along! Power walking is good too. Andy and I did that for a while. Andy changed his diet at the same time and lost so much weight his clothes started to fall off him! It was quite remarkable.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to hop over and read my story, and for your kind feedback!

  2. Hi Sue
    Been a while since I've had the chance to pop over and leave a comment:) Inspiring to read about you running.

    Trying to find a post a while back where you discussed the pros and cons of various ereaders, can't remember if we emailed about it after or our discussion was on the post (can't find the email anyhow). Daughter wants a new ereader for her birthday and had her heart set on a nook but can't source one in Australia and then it needs an American computer address, sounds too complicated. She reads alot of OOP books. So wondering what you recommend now all this time later?

    1. Erin,

      I think the post you are referring to, is this one:

      The ebook discussion is in the comments though the recommendations are probably a bit out of date. I still love the Kindle. Since I wrote the post, all my girls have swapped over from epub ereaders to Kindles. Most OOP books can be found as Kindle files so there's no problem there. The number of Kindle models has increased since I bought mine. I still have my old one and am quite happy with it. A couple of the girls have the cheaper model without the keyboard and they are fine too. Sophie has the Kindle Touch. I was able to get a reconditioned one (from Dick Smiths) with a long warranty for a good price. She likes it.

      I'd love to know what ereader you decide to get. Thanks for stopping by. It was good to see your comment!

  3. I enjoyed your story, Sue. That's exactly how I felt when I began riding my again, and how I feel every time I go out to pedal Tilda-Hilda. Sometimes I think how much I'd like to run, but my knees are not up to it right now. Maybe, once I lose a big bunch more pounds, there'd be less pressure on the joints and I can jog again. When I jogged once upon a time, I pretended I was a prehistoric village messenger. :-)

    1. Susie,

      You are so right about running and knees. A lot of my friends' knees aren't up to running. It's just as well my knees are okay because I could never pedal a bike. You probably remember how poor my biking skills are from a comment on your blog!

      If you do decide to try running you could run on grass to help cushion your joints. It's harder work but less damaging. A prehistoric messenger?

      Oh my! I like your imagination. Now what could I pretend to be as I dash up and down the bush tracks? You've got me thinking!


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