Not so long ago, I was writing about discouraged bloggers. I was one of them. A lot of my readers disappeared and I thought, "What am I doing wrong? Aren't my stories interesting any more? Perhaps I have no ability to write." And so I stopped writing.

But today I'm not feeling discouraged at all. I'm smiling. You see, my blog has been nominated for a Restless Press Southern Cross Digital Media Award. I just hopped over to their website. Yes, my blog is listed there in the 'Most Inspiring' category! Isn't that encouraging? 

So here I am writing a rare blog post. I want to thank the kind person who nominated my blog. I want to encourage you all to have a look at the other nominees. I'm sure you'll discover some great blogs, websites and podcasts if you do. Have a look at what else Restless Press has to offer too:
Restless Press aims to be a magazine style site, with great content from contributors around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific who are passionate about what they write and talk about.
And if you would like to vote for my blog, please do!

Now what shall I do next? I could do a bit of rearranging around here. Maybe I will change the posts in my side bar. (I haven't done that for a long time.) I should get things organised, just in case I get a few unexpected visitors. A few unexpected visitors? Now wouldn't that be nice?

And perhaps I should do some encouraging of my own. Encouragement can make all the difference.

Thank you again to Chelsea and Restless Press,

from a very encouraged Sue

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  1. Sue, congratulations!!! I am positively jumping up and down. I tried to vote, only to learn that it's "required"to vote in every category. So tomorrow I will go and check out the other categories, just to see what looks good so I can go back and try again. I reeaaallly want you to win this! :)

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you so much for jumping up and down with excitement! Your comment is as good as an award. Yes, it would be wonderful to win but if not, I still have wonderful friends like you. Thank you so much for your kindness and for your vote. It sounds like you are going to a lot of trouble for me. I reaaaaally appreciate that!

    2. Hey Sue~~

      Congratulations!!!! I'm so so happy for you, my friend!! I'm heading over now to vote!

      Inspiring! I love it! Good for you!
      ( I could not find where to comment on the post itself, for some reason, maybe my computer just isn't loading it? So I'm tagging my comment onto a reply...)

      Good luck!!

    3. Chris,

      Thank you so much for your vote. I feel excited just reading your comment. Isn't it lovely having friends who are so happy for us?

      I don't know what happened to the comments box. It appears to be back. It doesn't really matter where the comments end up. I can read them anywhere!

  2. How neat!! Congrats on the nomination!!! Good luck with it :)


    1. Betty,

      Thank you so much. I really was surprised by the nomination. I thought everyone had forgotten my blog because I haven't written many posts recently. It's lovely of you to stop by!

  3. Congrats on the nomination. What an encouragement. Now you see, keep on writing, not just making podcasts :)
    Just like Nancy, I tride voting, but got the same warning. I'll work on the other categories later, Maybe one a day ... We have until 31st.

    1. Uglemor,

      Thank you! You are so kind being prepared to look at and vote for the other categories, so you can vote for my blog. I appreciate that very much. And yes, I'll keep on writing. I feel very encouraged!

  4. Way to gooooooo, Sue! I agree with the person who nominated you and your blog. Your words, but especially your voice and tone, are very inspirational. You have definitely contributed to me dusting myself off and picking myself off and going forward with more gumption. Thank you very much.

    1. Susie,

      I never thought about voice and tone! Thank you! I am so glad you are posting regularly again on your blog. I love looking at your photos and hearing about the Husband, the Mama and Molly the Cat. I am pleased if I contributed to you dusting yourself off! I keep meaning to share your blog link on my FB page. I will go and do that right now!


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