Last year a post in my Facebook feed caught my attention. It promised a free Kindle version of Aram, a novel written by Catholic author, Ann Frailey. I couldn't resist. I headed straight over to Amazon and downloaded my copy. I was soon immersed in the adventures of Aram who "is a man who wants to start his life over but he must deal with his haunting past, a lost wife and son and a discontented clan."

I enjoyed this book immensely and wanted more. Fortunately there was more: Aram is part one of The Deliverance Trilogy. I was able to buy the next two parts of the story. 

When I heard Ann Frailey had recently released a new book, I was very interested. Ann's latest novel is called Georgios. It is historical fiction, set in 100 AD. This is the Amazon description:

Georgios was destined for greatness—at least that was what his grandparents told him, his father assured him, and his mother had left embedded in his heart. Living on the island of Patmos in the year 100 A.D. surrounded by the Aegean Sea, he knew the world through Greek eyes, but he also knew there was more to life than a home built on a rock. At the age of thirteen Georgios takes an unexpected voyage, almost murders his first real friend, gets waylaid by Celtic traders, and inadvertently discovers the truth about his father. What he learns horrifies him, forcing him into a decision and an adulthood he is not ready for. In facing his father honestly, Georgios finds the strength to accept his grandfather's vision and is thrust into the most dangerous adventure of all.

Georgios begins with the words:
"His father called him Georgios, but his grandparents just called him Georgi. He wasn't sure he liked either name, but he did know that one drew him home like a bee to honey while the other sent shivers down his spine."
Isn't that a great opening? After reading those words, I wanted to find out more. And after reading the whole book, I sat down and wrote this review...

The story of Georgios captured my interest from the first page. I was immediately immersed in the action which begins on the Greek Island of Patmos in 100 AD. Georgios’ father, Alexios, is bidding his son farewell as he sets off to fulfil his duty as a legionnaire in the Roman army. Georgios is not happy at the thought of being left behind, of being parted from his Roman father for another year. However they are both unaware that Georgios will soon be leaving the island too. He will set out on his own adventure after discovering a family secret, revealed by his Greek grandfather Myron.

Yes, this is a tale of discovery: about the past, about other people, about God and about Georgios himself. Who is he, and what greatness is he destined for?

As we follow Georgios in his travels, which take him far from his home, we see him struggle both physically and spiritually as his ideas about himself, his family and life are challenged. 
I enjoyed this story very much. I felt empathy with the characters, especially Georgios who came over as very likeable. I wanted to read on to see how his story ended. 
From time to time we left Georgios briefly to follow the story of his grandparents, Roxana and Myron. They also find themselves on an unexpected adventure of discovery, and their thoughts and feelings are revealed in the form of letters. The second storyline added interest and depth to the novel. 
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys authentic historical fiction, and is looking for an involving, thought provoking story with Christian values. It is suitable for teenagers and adults. 

The full title of Ann Frailey's latest novel is Georgios (Hidden Heritage Book 1). This must mean Ann's planning to write more books in the series. That's good news indeed!

Would you like to know more about Ann? Here's a short biography:

Ann has a B. S. in Elementary Education and has taught in Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Wood River, IL and for Peace Corps in the Philippines. She was married to John Frailey who was an educator for many years. John died from cancer complication December 2013. Ann has eight children and she home educates them while maintaining a rural home – including chickens, bees, cats and dogs…occasionally a possum or two… 
Ann devotes her time to writing books that delve into the deep questions of life while entertaining the reader with reflections on the human condition. She is a grateful mother and enjoys spending her time with her children, extended family, and friends.

You can find Ann on her website, The Writings of A.K. Frailey

And you can find her books on Amazon

Please take a look. You will enjoy them, I'm sure!


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  1. I had not heard of this author or her words, but based on your review, Sue, I'm definitely going to check her out and put these on my reading list :)


    1. Betty,

      Thank you for reading my post and checking out Ann's books!

  2. This sounds like a good book, I like historical fiction. I wonder whether I'll be able to find a paper vesion here, as I do not like e-reading.

    1. Uglemor,

      Ann's books are available both as ebooks and paperbacks. You can get them from Amazon. I like e-reading for fiction, but prefer paper books for everything else!

  3. Looks like a fascinating, read Sue! Thank you!!

    1. Chris,

      I haven't read many books set in this time period. Christianity was a reality new idea for the characters of course, and I found that very interesting. Thanks for reading my post!

  4. Yes! It is a GREAT opening! I'm intrigued.....

    1. Nancy,

      I love intriguing titles and opening sentences... just like we were discussing the other day for 'I Capture the Castle'! There is no doubt they encourage us to keep reading. And so I did!


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