Every Tuesday morning my daughters and I pile into the car and head off to town. While Charlotte and Sophie have their piano lessons, Gemma-Rose and I have a mission to accomplish. Can we do all our shopping, and then drive back to the music teacher’s house, before the older girls reappear?  It’s always a race.

Last Tuesday we must have run up and down the supermarket aisles much quicker than normal because, before we knew it, we were back at the car, stowing our shopping in the car boot, with minutes to spare.

“It’s a pity you’re not little anymore,” I said to Gemma-Rose. “We could have stopped off at the park for a few minutes on the way back. You could have swung on the swings.”

“Nobody gets too old for the swings, Mum,” Gemma-Rose smiled. “Even Imogen likes to swing and she’s twenty!”

“So you want to go to the park?”

My eleven year old daughter nodded her head.

Soon we were at the park. Gemma-Rose hoisted herself onto the swing, thrust her legs backwards and forwards, and swung towards the sky. As I watched her, my heart yearned for years gone by when I regularly stopped at the park with my troop of young children. “Push me higher, Mum!” little people would urge. “Catch me, Mum!” they’d cry as they slid down the slippery dip. “Watch me, Mum! I can climb high!” Yes, I miss those days when a simple trip to the park was pure delight for everyone.

“Do you want a go, Mum?” Gemma-Rose called, as she put down her feet and brought the swing to a halt.

Me? On the swings? "Why not!"

“Do you need a push, Mum?”

“No, I remember what to do!”

Soon I was swinging higher and higher. I began to feel like Auntie Jenny.
Auntie Jenny is a lot of fun. She doesn’t just push the swing. She sits on the swing and has a go herself. The children watch as she swings higher and higher. “Will she swing right over the top in a circle?” Lizzie wonders.
From The Angels of Abbey Creek

Would I swing over the top too? I began to feel just a little bit dizzy, as the ground rushed up to meet me and then raced away again. I wondered why the council hasn’t banned swings. Surely swings aren’t safe? What if a mother fell off?

“What if I fall off?” I shouted.

“Just hold on tight, Mum!”

So that’s what I did. I held on tight.

I held on tight to the swing. I held on tight to the moment. I savoured it completely, before it disappeared forever.

“Not many mums swing on the swings,” observed Gemma-Rose, as we left the park.

I don't suppose they do. But they should. 

Do you?

The Angels of Abbey Creek
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  1. Swings! Why don't we have any swings nearby! The only swings not miles avay are in the Owlets' schoolground, and as much as I'd I love a swing, I'm not going to use the school ones.

    1. Uglemor,

      You could hang a swing from the branch of one of your trees, and then you'd have one of your own. When we were younger, people made swing seats from old tyres. These were great fun. We'd twist the ropes round and round and then enjoy spinning as they unravelled. Or you could just loop a rope over a branch, tie a loop for your foot and swing standing up. Maybe we're too old for the last option. At least I feel I am!

    2. We have had swings in our garden. But now our swing tree - an old apple tree (with the sourest apples I ever tasted) is too old and sick (?) filled with rot spots and fungus. We dare not hang a swing there any more for fear it will break off the branch. Oh those homemade swings. They have been made from ropes, old planks and what not - but never tyres, although they're fun we did not have a frind with a tractor. In some years the new tree we planted will be old and strong enough to take over. But right now we're swingless.

    3. PS. I very much like these storise, small pictures in words from your daily life. Don't stop writing those.

    4. Uglemor,

      I'm sorry to hear your swing tree is old and sick. We don't have a suitable tree for a swing either. All our trees are too young. But we do have a set of swings just down the road so we are fortunate!

      Thank you so much for your last comment. It has given me some ideas. I do have a few stories from our daily life I want to share. I just need to find some spare time to write them. I'm trying to get more organised as far as blogging goes. I'd like to spend more time here, just playing around with stories. We shall see if that happens!

  2. Oh how fun, Sue! I am glad you both stopped at the park and enjoyed swinging on the swings! I haven't in years, but did enjoy it when the kids were younger :)


    1. Betty,

      It was one of those unexpected pleasures. I'm glad the idea came to me and we actually stopped at the park. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a fun post, Sue!!


    1. Chris,

      Sometimes simple things give us lots of pleasures. And sometimes simple stories are really fun to share. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Oh, I have always loved swings! When my husband and I were dating, we once walked to a neighborhood park near my house for an evening swim in the pool. As we left, we passed the playground swings, and he suggested stopping for a few minutes. I have long said that was probably the night he captured my heart! I loved that he was not afraid of looking childish. We rented an apartment near that park when we were first married; by day, he was in his last year of University and I worked in an office, being Mrs. Businesswoman in my high heels and pearls. By night, we turned into two "kids" who walked to the park to swing.

    1. Nancy,

      Oh I do love your story! I really enjoyed imagining you and your husband being two kids together. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing how they react to an invitation for a swing, I'm sure. I have always found it's much easier to be childish and enjoy it, when there's someone else to share it with. My family are very childish. I fear I am the most sensible one of all, but that's not saying much!

  5. I love this post, Sue. Good for you, getting on that swing. I was probably in my 40s the last time I was on a swing. That's too long ago. It's time to go find one.

    1. Susie,

      Oh yes, you are long overdue for a swing! Somehow I find it really easy to imagine you and the Husband on the swings. You are both such fun people. You wouldn't worry about appearing childish, I'm sure. If you do go to the park for a swing, take your camera. I'd love to see some photos!

  6. I love swinging on our swing at home, handmade by my Dad for Brid and anyone else who wanted to use, young or older.
    i love that little girl feeling you get when your on a swing. wind in your face, going higher and higher, hmmmm

    1. Leanne,

      Oh yes, that little girl feeling is wonderful! I know what you mean about the wind in your face. It's a bit like the feeling I get when I run, with the added excitement of having my feet well off the ground! It's good!

  7. I can't resist an empty swing - makes me feel like a kid again! I love the expressions on your daughter's face in the pictures!!

    1. Dana,

      The swings of my childhood had wooden seats and very long chains. We'd stand on the swings and try to get as high as possible. Modern swings aren't designed for standing on, but they are still lots of fun. I wonder what the expression on my face is like when I'm swinging. I love to close my eyes to fully enjoy the swinging sensation!


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