Around and around my mind:




Oh yes!


Impossible to stop them 

Swirling around and around my mind.

Can they be set loose? 

Out of my mind? 


Thoughts into words. 

Words into stories. 

Stories into posts. 

Ideas flowing out. 

Who knows what will appear? 

Out of my Catholic mind. 


You’re out of your mind. 


How can you think that? 

Do that? 

Say that? 

Write that? 

Out of my mind? 


Do you mind 

If I’m… 

Out of My Catholic Mind?

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  1. I love conversations about being Catholic. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    1. Faith, I love Catholic conversations too. And now I have a blog with 'Catholic' in its name I can do that whenever I feel like it! I feel encouraged. Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Vicky, It's good to see you back in the blogosphere! I will probably do a bit of blog design changing, but for the moment, I'm happy. My blog is up and running and I'm glad to hear it looks okay! Thank you for your comment. xxx

  3. Oh, hooray! I am absolutely thrilled. I LOVE the title!!!!!

    1. Nancy, I'm glad you like the title. I love how it can mean different things. I spent a sleepless night thinking about blog titles and this is the one I ended up with. (Title after title kept going around and around my mind. It nearly drove me crazy!) Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

  4. Great title! Can't wait for all the inspiration (and laughter) to follow! I hope you share somewhere along the way about your conversion. I love conversion stories. And I bet you have a great one :) Will defnitely be checking back. Lots of love from a sleepy Catholic nightowl who just returned from a retreat for early risers....zzzzzzz <3 Patricia

    1. Patricia,

      Oh yes, I have a conversation story! I bet there's lots of other people who have a good one to tell too. I will definitely share mine. Thank you for asking!

      A retreat for early risers? Oh my, that sounds difficult for night owls. Enjoy your sleep! xxx

  5. Chris,

    More? I hope I can come up with an idea for a second post! I'm so glad you will be following along. I look forward to sharing with you. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Cynthia,

    You elevated my few words to the high status of a poem! That makes me smile. Thank you! (One day I hope to learn how to write real poetry like you.) Thank you so much for your encouragement. God bless you!

  7. Kelly, Beate, Uglemor and Chris, your comments, unfortunately, disappeared when I made the recent changes to my blog. I still have them at the old blog address. I hope you saw my replies!


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