The other day, while we were out shopping, I discovered a pair of minion sunglasses.

“Oh wow, Andy!” I cried, picking them up from the display stand. “You must try these on.” 

My husband took the round red google glasses and perched them on his nose.

“Oh my!" I spluttered. “You look…”


I giggled. “Not exactly!”

I found a mirror and Andy peered at his strange reflection through the dark minion lenses, and we giggled together. Then he whipped the sunglasses off his nose, and I put them back where I'd found them before anyone could catch us being so silly. 

A couple of days later, I took my daughter Charlotte to the optometrist to choose new glasses. Rows and rows of frames greeted us as entered the shop. But one particular pair leaped out and grabbed my attention.

“Look! Minion glasses!” Charlotte and I giggled as I reached for the big round grey frames. I urged her to try them on, and when she did, we giggled some more. Minion glasses are fun, but not what we had in mind. Charlotte needed something more flattering. But what would look good?

Last time Charlotte chose new glasses, the optometrist had said, “You’ve got such delicate features. You need small frames to match.” Remembering this, I picked out a few pairs of undersized frames. Almost immediately, the optometrist's assistant swooped down upon us.

“Oh no, no, no!” she cried. “You need something bigger and trendier. You don’t want to look like an old lady.” The woman scanned the display rack and, with an expert eye, quickly made her own selection.“Well, what do you think?” she asked me after Charlotte had put on the first pair.

The glasses were big and nerdy and reminded me of Clark Kent. Wasn't nerdy unattractive, not so long ago. “She looks… different,” I replied. 

Obviously ‘different’ wasn’t the right response. More was expected of me. And after Charlotte had tried on dozens of pairs of those big glasses, I did come up with the right words: “You look great!” And by that time, I was telling the truth.

It’s funny how our opinions can change so quickly. Someone tells us what we should think, what everyone else believes, and then we put on the eyes of the majority, and suddenly things look different. “Hey, those huge glasses look very cool!” Yes, they do!

But what about those minion glasses? They're not cool. But should I buy them anyway? You never know. Someone rich and famous, with a very loud voice, might start wearing large round goggle glasses. Then everyone will want a pair too.  When we put them on our noses and peer through those silly minion frames, will we see something beautiful, something desirable, something totally acceptable? 

Or will we choose to see the Truth, stand alone and stick to our beliefs?

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  1. Too funny! Do you remember the gigantic glasses of the late 80s/early 90s? I had a pair that was perfectly enormous and bright blue - which Leena loves! She wears it with the lenses popped out as a dress up prop. She longs for glasses, and I hated them as a child. I think it's like the curly vs. straight hair thing: we want whatever we don't have!

    Anyway, love the new blog design! I've switched over my link to this blog since it's super easy to click through to the unschooling blog from here. I really like it that I can see new posts to different blogs all in this one page. I've also been having fun seeing your archive posts that come up. Are they random, or do you choose?

  2. Wendy,

    I hated wearing glasses as a child too. I still hate wearing them! I never choose frames I'm happy with. Big, small or in between... nothing seems to suit me. I think some of my old glasses ended up in the dress-up box. Kids love wearing them!

    I'm glad the links on this blog are helpful. I had great fun setting up the new template. There are so many available options. There were too many for me to use all at once, but maybe I can swap things around every now and then. The archived posts are either random, particular ones I chose, or the most recent posts for a label depending on the gadget. I can set them for whichever option I want. Isn't that clever? Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Aren't minions cool enough to make the glasses a must? ;)

    1. Miu,

      Minion glasses are too cool for me. But they would indeed be a must-have item for the right person. Perhaps you're cool enough to wear them!

    2. Miu,

      I forgot to say I'm glad you found my new blog! I hope we can continue sharing (when I get time to write something new!) I hope all is well with you.


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