Would you like to hear a story? I have lots to tell. Many of them are about our son Thomas who died when he was one day old. I call these tales my Thomas Stories.

The other day I had an idea. Could I share my Thomas Stories as videos or podcasts? I’ve been thinking about this: How would I do it?

Recording the audio track is the easy bit. I’d do that in the same way I make podcasts. But if I incorporated the audio into a video, what would I use as a background? Viewers would need something to look at while listening to my words. I could add photos to make a slideshow except I have hardly any photos of Thomas. Could I use random photos of nature or something else? Or maybe one still image for the whole video would work fine? I just don’t know.

It would be easier to make my stories into podcasts. I wouldn’t need to worry about the visual side if I did this. But I’d probably have to pay for a second podcasting channel because I don’t think it would be appropriate to add grief stories to my unschooling podcast feed. And although unschooling podcasts are very popular, would people listen to a grief story one? I guess I could use a new podcast channel for other Faith based stories and ponderings too, so it wouldn’t all have to be grief.

Today I did some experimenting. I read out a sample story, one called The Gift and captured the recording using Audacity. That didn’t take long. Then I imported it to my video software program and added titles and a photo background before uploading it to Youtube. Watching the finished video, I think the audio quality could be better. There are a few clunking noises in the opening sentences. I started hesitantly, but perhaps I improved as I got into the story. Yes, it’s not perfect. I could have recorded the story again, but it’s okay for today. It's good enough to get an idea if a video works. Maybe I could have added a musical intro too.

Do you have time to watch my video? I’d love some feedback. Does a video work? What could I use for a background? Would a podcast be better? If you have any ideas about how I could share my Thomas Stories in an audio kind of way, please tell me. I’d really appreciate your help!

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  1. It was a lovely reading, Sue - easy to listen to and heart stirring, as well.

    I wonder if random photos of scenes might work, such as a park when you mention it or a hospital at the relevant sections - if you want to add visualisation, that is.

    1. Vicky,

      I'm so sorry it has taken a long time to reply to your comment. I did appreciate your suggestions and feedback. We are often not good judges of our own presentations so it was good to hear my story was easy to listen to. The beginning sentence or two was awkward I know, but I could improve that.

      Using random photos seems to be the best option. I've asked Sophie to take some photos for me. Maybe she can edit them so they look like a matching set. I would really like to persist with this project. Thank you for your encouraging comment!


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