In the 5 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen many people come and go.

A reader might stop by regularly to chat and discuss. Then one day she disappears. Why? Did she lose interest in my posts? Did she get busy with other things? Or is she still hanging around but keeping very quiet?

I’ve also seen bloggers come and go. One week they’re posting and the next they’re not. Their online lives come to an end. I suppose their offline lives continue on.

But what if they don’t. Do you think people die leaving their blogs still floating through the Internet? What happens to all these abandoned blogs?

I remember when my grandmother died. Someone had to sort out all the possessions she’d accumulated over a rather long lifetime. It was a big job. Quite often I see articles urging us to prune back our stuff: Don't leave clutter for someone else to sort out after your death. I’m determined to follow that advice.

But what about my Internet clutter? Will I make sure I’ve cleared away all my electronic footprints long before I leave this world? Or will I just leave them hanging about in the cloud for someone else to deal with? I suppose I could give them to someone.

Just imagine…

This is the last will and testament of me Sue Elvis…

… I bequeath all my blogs, my Facebook page and my Youtube and Podbean channels, including the stories, videos and podcasts contained within said sites to…

But would anyone want them? “Oh my! I’m so lucky. I inherited a whole set of blogs! And a Youtube channel as well!”

So what do other people do with deceased estate blogs and social media? There must be some accepted way of dealing with them. Let me look. I’ll google it and then I'll be right back…

Okay, here I am, back from doing a little research...

Did you know Facebook accounts can be turned into memorials for deceased people? Even when I am no longer here, I can still have a Facebook timeline. (Or maybe that should be a ran-out-of-timeline.) My friends and family can still visit me on my private page. But I can’t gain any new friends. Yes, once I'm dead, that's it. I've reached my final figure. Unless someone unfriends me. Can people do that? Or will death protect me?

Now onto Blogger... 

Blogger won’t delete my blogs after my death. Of course, if a member of my family knows my Google password they could go to my Dashboard and get rid of them instantly with a click of the mouse. But if no one does that, I could be around forever.

Unless of course the Internet decides to fall from the sky and all that electronic information comes tumbling down and then evaporates forever.

Do you ever wonder if that will ever happen?

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  1. Another great post, Sue. I've been maintaining a list of my passwords for my blogs, online accounts, and such so that whoever cleans up after me can easily delete everything. If I know my demise is coming up, I'll do it myself. Of course, maybe in 10 years I may say I've had enough of the Internet and retire from it. We shall see.

    1. Susie,

      Oh yes, a proper list of passwords! That would be helpful. For me too. I don't even know my own passwords. I keep them on odd scraps of paper that I keep losing. Don't you hate passwords? I sigh every time I need to think up yet another one to access a new account or site.

      Enough of the Internet? Maybe I'll get tired of blogging, but I'm wondering what the next big thing will be. We might have some great new Internet adventures before both our on and offline lives come to an end!

  2. A "ran out of timeline." I love i! :)

    1. Nancy,

      Those words just popped into my head as I was writing. Don't you love it when something delicious like that happens?

  3. Oh, yes. If your family does not delete your blog, it will hang around in the Internet forever with the blog-roll updating whenever a new post from one of your friends come along. I don't know what I think. Kind of scary, actually. At the very least I want my family to post an I'm dead-post, o that everybody will know for sure that no more posts or comments will ever show up again. I find it rather depressing when a blogger just disappears, and always suspect some kind of accindent.

    1. Uglemor,

      Yes, it's strange to think of our blogs continuing without us. People will still visit and page views will increase. And perhaps no one will realise we are no longer here. I imagine it would be hard for our families to delete our blogs, removing yet more evidence we used to be alive. Doing that would be so final. I suppose it's a bit like deleting someone's voice from an answering machine message. Once gone, you can't get it back. But maybe, like passing on a person's clothes and belongings we may need to delete blogs so we can move on. Or are blogs like books?: voices that still have a message even when the authors are no longer alive. I don't know what I think either! Knowing my family of bloggers, I'm sure they'll post a final story about my death to add the last chapter to my blog. It might end up being my most popular post ever!


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